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Happy Holiday poster

The objective of this project was to create a series of graphics to promote the Christmas holiday sale. The campaign mainly includes a 36" x 45" poster, a 57" x 36" poster, and 10" x 20" mounted sign. 


Tawa posters 3-in-1 MockUp -Christmas 20

The idea was to present the warmth of family gathering and having dinner together on Christmas day. Through the use of an abundance of food and desserts, it creates a scene as if the view is right in front of the dinner table looking at this delicate meal. The use of a series of warmer colors such as orange and yellow also enhance the warmth of family gathering as oppose to lingering outside in a chilling winter. 

Tawa horizontal poster MockUp -Christmas

This is a presentation of the horizontal poster if it was hung by cable wires. The below was a mock-up of the poster if it was to be displayed on the street or plaza as a light panel or digital display

Happy Holiday poster.jpg
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