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Rice Dumpling Festival poster

The objective of this project was to create a series of graphics to promote the dragon boat festival and the rice dumpling sale. The campaign includes a 36" x 45" poster, a 57" x 36" poster, and 10" x 20" mounted sign. 


Tawa posters 3-in-1 MockUp - Rice Dumpli

The idea was to present the product itself in it's best to promote the sale of these rice dumpling. To emphasize this Chinese traditional holiday, a series of oriental elements were used in this poster, such as calligraphy, the Chinese ink and wash painting style, and the traditional circle or wave-like patterns.

Tawa horizontal posters MockUp - Rice Du

The above is a  horizontal poster hung by cable wires. The below was a mock-up of the poster if it was to be displayed on a wall or inside a public transit station.

Rice Dumpling poster mockup.jpg
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