Sweethoney Dessert

Menu Redesign

Menu Book with Cover

8.5" x 11"

Sweethoney Dessert needs to redesign their entire menu and replace the existing photos with the new ones. The mission was recreate menu to have an appealing, classy and trendy appearance. A variety of page layout was also used to make the menu more interesting. 

Tri-fold To Go Menu

8.5" x 14"

The to-go menu used a light wooden background to optimize legibility. The objective was to deliver the messages to viewers as clearly and quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the to-go menu retains some of the visual elements from the menu book design to keep the same design style.

Flip Menu

4" x 6"

A tabletop flip menu offers great flexibility. The menu may be change at any time by replacing the graphic, so it's best for display seasonal products as well as last minute promotional deal.

Graphic Designer / Photographer

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