Sweethoney Dessert

Soufflé Pancake Campaigne

Sweethoney Dessert was launching a whole new series of Japanese style desserts, the Soufflé Pancake series. The objective was to create a series of promotional materials for this new product which includes: photos, menu, poster, retractable banner, online promotional images, and short clips. The idea was to preserve the authenticity of this product, so many Japanese design elements, such as earthy colors, wood, and Japanese characters, were incorporated into the design.

Window Sticker

24" x 35"

The Matcha Soufflé Pancake was the main focus because matcha is the most authentic Japanese flavor among all the pancakes

The blueberry flavor was being prioritized in the retractable banner to promote the second popular flavor. Its vibrant color also attracts viewers for afar, and the lower half of the banner retains the simple layout with a warm, wood background that harmonizes with other graphics.

Retractable Banner

33" x 70"

Retractable Banner Mockup

The soufflé pancake menu promotes the third popular flavor, Mango Soufflé Pancake. By switching the focus on each design, all the popular flavors were promoted throughout the campaign. Mango Soufflé Pancake was chosen as the menu cover being mango is one of the signature items of Sweethoney Dessert. 

Bi-fold Menu

8.5" x 11"

Graphic Designer / Photographer

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